The Integral Center for Talent Development (CIDT)

The Integral Center for Talent Development (Centro Integral para el Desarrollo del Talento,CIDT), is created to strengthen the talent development through formal accelerated training events, aligned to our customers needs

Integral Center for Talent Development





  • What does the CIDT offer? +

    Technical workshops and diplomas:

    • Wells Productivity Integral Systems

    • Subsoil- Surface Productivity Operations

    • VCD Methodology (Visualization, Conceptualization and Definition)


    Programs / Specialized courses:

    • Leadership

    • High Performance Teams Training

    • Strategic Planning

    • Technology Management

  • Workshops and programs goals +

    •Add value to key business results.

    •Create a portfolio of solutions.

    •Close gaps in the skills required  by participants to enhance their performance.

  • Workshops and programs benefits +
    • Presentation of new personnel to a process of accelerated learning.
    • Highly qualified contributors for task execution associated with business objectives.
    • Participants gain tools and techniques for analysis, diagnosis and integral solutions design.
    • Strengthening technical and behavioral competencies in the individual by closing knowledge gaps.

Our Director´s message

The competitive oil sector drives the companies to incorporate permanent improvements...

Our people

Our company is recognized for the use of practitioners.


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