General CEO´s Message

We celebrate 10 years of CBM Ingeniería Exploración y Producción foundation.

A significant decade along Pemex with improvements to the upstream management processes of the value chain.


Several have been the contributions of our company during these years. The design of various methodologies that have become working practices in Pemex Exploración and Producción, (PEP), and the knowledge transfer through the work of multidisciplinary teams. We have to make a special mention to the VCD, CBM driven methodology and that, mandated by SENER, has been incorporated as public policy to be applied in any company well design.


The road has been of challenges, commitment to our efforts to provide efficient customer solutions. Internally, we have grown in talent and innovation, so today we are satisfied and prepared for the changes to come in the mexican energy market.


This new version of our website is a reflection of what has been our evolution as a company and what we can offer to continue fulfilling our vision: "To be an integral consulting and professional support in strategic, technical, organizational and developing talent for the Mexican oil industry".


Satisfied with the work done and prepared for the challenges to come, we offer our customers our work and our commitment, with which we can support them in their projects development, or in the incorporation of improvements to their organizations.


Luis Vielma Lobo



Our experience

We have developed diagnoses, recommendations and improvements implementations.

Our people

Our company is recognized for the use of practitioners.