When we first arrived to Mexico, we were two companies:
Copyr, specialized in well design and drilling and BVPA, specialized in technical process, strategies, human resources and organizational development. We worked under this scheme during a year and then joined the two companies
and took the initials of each:
C,B ​​and then added the M of Mexico.

Our History

A decade of consulting

CBM on


Beginning of consulting services to international companies that will participate in the Energy reform.

Support for CNH to establish the norms required in the regulation associated with identification, drilling, well integrity and security in Deep Waters.


Development of rig recruitment strategies and support in well designs for Ayatsil-Tekel project.

Talent development concepts for Engineers renovation and upgrading in support of the Energy Reform.


Market research services to wells and analysis of areas selected for Round One tender process developed in conjunction with Ainda.

Support to the hiring process in the Northeast Marine Region Main facilities.


Project Development for the incorporation of the exploratory wells drilling organization in the Division of Exploration (Subdirección de Exploración).

CBM on



In January 2013 operations were started in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche´s first offices.

Development of a project business case with an integrated approach with the aim of expanding the technologies within PEP.


Opening of Paraiso, Tabasco technical office, based on contracting requirements from the tender of professional services for the well design in the South West Marine Region.Development of a project business case with an integrated approach with the aim of expanding the technologies within PEP.

Rig recruitment and well designs support for Tsimin-Xux project.


Development of the analysis of the processes of the Hydrocarbons Transportation and Distribution Management (Gerencia de Transporte y Distribución de Hidrocarburos, GTDH) of the Northeast Marine Region (RMNE)

CBM on



Integral study that allows to analyze and assess market behavior of vessels for Logistics and Static Maintenance Coordination of Marine Services (Servicios Logísticos y Mantenimiento Estático de la Coordinación de Servicios Marinos)

Technical support, planning, design, management, monitoring and evaluation to the Abkatun Pol Chuc Asset Well Technology Production Project.


Technical support of Navegantes-1 exploration well design under the VCDSE methodology.

• This methodology design development allowed the well to prove productive and incorporate around 500 million barrels of oil equivalent.

CBM on



Process design and development functions of the microstructure of Maintenance and Logistics Branches (Subdireciones de Mantenimiento y Logística, SML) and Project Services (Servicios a Proyectos, SSAP).

• This project is proposed and implemented as a result of changes arising from PEP´s transformation.

Incorporation of young professionals for their professional development in projects to be executed.


Project development for the optimization of 32 inactive wells, worked under the approach of the Productivity Integral System (Sistema Integral de Productividad, SIP) methodology for Production Asset Samaria Luna.


Support and technical assistance in project development and design of wells operating under the VCDSE methodology for Active Abkatun Pol Chuc in Southwest Marine Region.


Integrated Laboratories Fields (Laboratorios Integrados de Campos) mentoring and Development in Integral Active Tertiary Gulf Oil (Activo de Producción Aceite Terciario del Golfo).

Development of a Career Development catalogue for PEP along with the Mexican Petroleum Institute (Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo).


CBM on



Strengthening of the implementation of the VCDSE methodology in PEP´s various regions.

Media Strengthening and improvement for the VCDSE methodology implementation nationwide.


Methodological assistance for VCDSE implementation in exploratory locations in Burgos Integral Asset (Activo Integral Burgos) during 2010.


Development, review, engineering adequacy and specialized studies required for the Integral Active Tertiary Gulf Oil (Activo Terciario del Golfo) projects for the works entrusted to the Department of Engineering and Strategic Works Development (Subdirección de Ingeniería y Desarrollo de Obras Estratégicas).

CBM on



Mentoring of well design processes for PEP´S different assets.

Making Integral Strategies for staff development project, downsizing the workforce and the implementation of the Skills - Based Professional Development Model (Modelo de Desarrollo Profesional con Base en Competencias, DCC) was performed.


CBM on


Support in the creation and integration of 15 teams for different PEP´s production assets.


Application of the Productivity Integral Systems (Sistemas Integrales de Productividad, SIP) in several projects in PEP´s production assets.

Development of new business schemes for the Northeast Marine Region.


Exploratory evaluation of investment projects in PEP Southwest Marine Region, according to the degree of VCD Definition Phase applying the Compliance Phases Determination Instrument (Instrumento de Determinación de Cumplimiento de las Fases, IDCF).

Development, review, engineering adequacy and specialized studies for projects related to the Integral Active Tertiary Gulf Oil fields.


CBM on



Development of the first project with UPMP engineers, called "Technical Assistance for Modeling and Integral Well Design Process in PEP“ (Diagnóstico y recomendaciones en materia de políticas públicas para el sector petrolero), in order to implement world class models requested by SENER and which formed the basis for the model of the Energy Reform submitted to Congress in 2008.

Development of a project for the Business Drilling Unit called "Technical assistance in the Modeling implementation Process and Integrated Design of Wells in PEP".


Support to the Human Resources, Competitiveness and innovation in integral strategies for staff development and knowledge management.

Creation of a governing document ruling the proper use of the VCDSE Methodology, Exploration, Exploitation, Wells and Infrastructure.


Incorporation of Ainda as an ally to strengthen business analysis and economic models.

CBM on


In early 2006 we begin operations in our first offices in Villahermosa, Tabasco, in order to be closer to the client.


Increase in the "practitioner" consultant staff due to services demand in Pemex Exploración y Producción areas.

• The term "practitioners" refers to anyone professionally skilled in an area that has sound technical knowledge and many years of experience applying them.

Development of the first technical planning project for the Regional Exploration Active, in order to support the design of drilling exploration wells in the following years.


CBM on



Conformation of multidisciplinary teams to implement “Aprender-Haciendo” ("Learning by doing") philosophy in “Plan de Negocios de PEP 2006-2015” (”PEP Business Plan 2006-2015"), “Desarrollo de Carrera con Base en Competencias en la UPMP", ("UPMP Skills Based-Career Development"), “Apoyo Técnico en la Planeación Integral de Exploración”("Technical support for Integral Exploration Planning"), "Gestión Estratégica en la Región Sur” (“Strategic Management in the Southern Region”), “Modelos de Reactivación de los Campos PEP” (“PEP ´s Revival Field Models”), “Programa de Desarrollo Ejecutivo del Personal” ("Executive Staff Development Program”) , “Planeación Integral bajo enfoque GIA” (“Integral Planning under the GIA approach ") and Balance Score Card Projects.

In July 2005 the first corporate offices were opened in Mexico City.


Along with Mercer, it was developed the project “Hacia un modelo de negocios de la función de Perforación y Mantenimiento de Pozos (PMP) de clase mundial” (“Towards a World Class Drilling and Well Maintenance (PMP) business model”).

• This project managed to position CBM as a solid company in technical and organizational consulting on key Exploration business processes.

CBM on



On December 7, 2004 CBM Ingeniería Exploración y Producción Engineering S.A de C.V is founded by Engineers Luis Vielma Lobo and Freddy Pérez Díaz.

Development of the Gerencia Integrada de Activos (Integrated Asset Management) program for PEP integral actives managers and administrators.


Application of PEP´S VCDSE methodology begins in order to improve the drilling design, minimize risk and uncertainty and ensure profitability.

• This project marked the beginning of the application of a methodology that PEP subsequently incorporated as a mandatory guideline to apply to all investment projects.

Realization of the first project for Pemex Exploración y Producción, called “Skills based Career Development” (Desarrollo de Carrera en Base a Competencias) for Integral Asset Samaria Luna in the Southern Region.


Creation of a strategic alliance with Mexican Exploration Company (Compañía Mexicana de Exploraciones, COMESA) for projects execution in Pemex Exploración y Producción regions.

Running of the macro project "Diagnóstico Integral de la Región Sur" ("Integral Diagnosis of the Southern Region") with the aim of providing solutions and methodology application for each of the identified needs.